Technical characteristics of the building

Spatial, planning and functional organization of the building.

In accordance with the approved materials of the preliminary design, the "Congress Office" building has a rounded shape with unequal radii of the sides. The building consists of the following volumes: parking lot, 5 floors, office block

  • parking for 72 cars with a two-lane curved ramp with sidewalks in opposite sides of the car park. There are three passenger lifts P1, P2, S1 with lifting capacity of 1600,1650 kg., And two evacuation distributed staircases ST 01, ST02 with access from the main floors. Entrance gates are lifted.
  • The input group is located in the axes "3" - "7"
Description of composite techniques for the facades design.
  • The facade walls of the building consist of: stained-glass windows (prefabricated glazing) on each floor, observation panels from a transparent insulating glass unit. There is a light lantern (Sky light) on the roof with a transparent heat-insulating double-glazed window.
  • There are hinged peaks made of stainless steel and light-transparent stained glass system with integrated lighting devices and tension elements made of light-transparent stained glass system
  • Entrance groups are made of a stained glass system, rotating doors opening in both directions. Glazing of stained glass systems - triple heat-insulated. The stained glass is designed with aluminium frame
  • The porch is made of polished granite. The filling of doorways are depending on the purpose of the premises, they are usually metal with stained glass.
The descriptions for finishing the premises of main, auxiliary and technical purposes.
  • Parking - walls, columns - decorative plaster.
    • Ceilings are painted.
    • The floors are covered with corundum coating.
  • Office premises - internal walls and partitions are made of a papo-crestal, moisture-resistant gypsum plasterboard sheet (according to KNAUF technology).
  • The ceilings are suspended, there are acoustic ceiling panels provided in technical and they are painted with plasterboard in other rooms.
  • The floors are made of polyurethane protective coating in technical rooms, in sanitary units and service areas there are ceramic tiles applied, the floor in the atrium and most rooms is made of marble tiles, the floors on the fourth and fifth floors are carpeted in VIP offices, meeting rooms and office spaces.
Description of architectural solutions that provide natural lighting of rooms with a permanent people presence.
  • Premises with a permanent presence of people (offices) are provided with natural lighting through light-transparent stained-glass walls with a hinge on the slabs.
Description of architectural and construction measures to protect the premises from noise, vibrations and other influences.
  • Office premises are protected from vibrations, noise and other effects by structures and volumetric planning solutions.
  • All enclosing parts of the building (including filling openings) are made of materials, products and technologies that have state certification for use in buildings of this type and provide a standard level of protection against noise and vibrations considered when preparing the regulatory documents and state certification. In cases where the equipment creates a significant level of adverse effects, it is expected to use special assembly units, special elements of the equipment and systems design, and a special interior finishing, if necessary.
Measures to ensure fire safety.
  • The building is designed in accordance with fire safety standards.
  • The car parking capacity is divided into two fire compartments and six blocks separated by a brick partition (250) and double-winged rolled-back fire-extinguishing gates with a limit of the required fire resistance limit.
  • In the part of the building with various classes of functional fire hazard F5.2 (parking for cars) and F4.3 (controls and offices) are divided among themselves by enclosing structures with standardized fire resistance limits and a class of structural safety. In the zone of the combined roof at the mark. + 18.600 Roof covering made of non-flammable material
Measures to ensure the rights of disabled people and other low mobile groups in terms of access and residence.
  • The project provides access to various functional parts of the office building for the low mobile groups.
  • The parking lot is designed for 4 cars and equipped with an identification light panel, in close proximity to the R-1 elevator
  • WC for people with limited mobility has been designed in the public zone