«The place where life and business are put together»

About Business Center

Class A + Business Centre "Congress" OFFICE is a premium class luxury business Centre, which positions itself as an ideal choice for business, leisure and traveling business people.

Floor plans

Floor 1 2 3 4 5 Auto parking
  • 1 877 sq.m.
  • Offices – 1205 sq.m.
  • Lobby – 482 sq.m.
  • Kernel and room service – 190 sq.m.
  • 1 722 sq.m.
  • Offices – 1448 sq.m.
  • Lobby – 217 sq.m.
  • Kernel and room service – 57 sq.m.
  • 1 722 sq.m.
  • Offices – 1448 sq.m.
  • Lobby – 217 sq.m.
  • Kernel and room service – 57 sq.m.
  • 1 722 sq.m.
  • Offices – 1448 sq.m.
  • Lobby – 217 sq.m.
  • Kernel and room service – 57 sq.m.
  • 1 812,9 sq.m.
  • translations.main.plan_floors.terrace – 560 sq.m.
  • Offices – 927 sq.m.
  • Lobby – 266,9 sq.m.
  • Kernel and room service – 59 sq.m.
  • Auto parking - 2403 sq.m.
  • Kernel and room service - 573 sq.m.

Comfort and technology

The building of the Business Centre meets the technical requirements corresponding to the highest international standards
Central heating system
Emergency diesel generator

Heat supply. Individual heat point.

The source of the building heat supply is represented by an external heat network from Astana-Teplotransit with the parameters of the heat carrier T1 / T2 = 130-70ºС of heat network of two pipelines ∅133x4.5 mm.

The heat carrier for ventilation and heating systems is prepared at the central heating station (ITP), heat exchanging equipment for maintaining the necessary temperatures of the heat carrier of the heat supply (water) systems are plate heat exchangers and a manifold for distributing the coolant along the directions of the heating system. The Business centre is provided with a hydronic heating system to compensate for heat losses.

Heating system types being installed:

  • radiator heating;
  • floor heating;
  • heating with floor convectors;
  • fan coil units;
  • fan heaters in the parking lot.

The following items are used as heating devices:

  • “GEA” underfloor convectors (Germany);
  • "Kazterm" steel panel radiators (on the ground floor, technical rooms, corridors and WC units);
  • "VTS Kazakhstan" fan heaters Volcano Mini company.

The heat transfer of the devices is controlled by thermostatic valves RA-N with thermostatic heads of the company "Danfoss" (Denmark), installed on the connections to the devices.

Hot water supply

The hot water supply for the block N1.1 is year-round and has been designed with the usage of the heat exchangers located in the room of the heat point in the N1.1 block.

Preparation of water for DHW is carried out by an independent scheme through plate heat exchangers. The temperature graph of the city heating network in summer is 70/44 ° C.


The building is provided with supply-exhaust ventilation with a mechanical activation, air heating during the cold season and air cooling during the warm period of the year.

The supply and exhaust system (PV1) N1.1-AHU-L01 serves office spaces 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 levels, as well as part of the basement level. The supply system (P2) N1.1-AHU-L-L01 serves the lobby of the first level.

The supply systems (P1) N1.1-AHU-L01 and (P2) N1.1-AHU-L-L01 are equipped with a surface honeycomb humidifier for air humidification.

Installation of throttle valves is provided on ventilation network for balancing systems.

To ensure and maintain the temperature parameters in the premises, improve the reliability of the systems, save heat, electricity.

The building of the Business centre is provided with the followings:

  • control of air and coolant parameters
  • remote and local control of ventilation systems
  • protection of air heaters from freezing
  • opening of the external air valves with the fan on and closing them when the fan is switched off
  • regulation of the degree of heating of supply air during the cold season
  • automatic shutdown of all ventilation systems with a "fire" signal, except for smoke protection systems
  • automatic activation of anti-smoke protection systems from the fire alarm
  • with a "fire" signal, all systems are automatically turned off, except for smoke protection systems.

Supply and exhaust ventilation system

The HVAC project of the building provides the following supply and supply-exhaust forced ventilation systems of the building:

  • AHU1
  • AHUPark1
  • AHUPark2

The functions of the automated control system of the supply and exhaust system include:

  • maintenance of the set temperature of supply or return air
  • provision of remote start and stop of the system from the central dispatch center
  • provision of start-up and shutdown of the system according to the established schedule from the central dispatch center
  • changing the operating mode of the system ("winter", "summer") depending on the outside temperature
  • control of the temperature of the coolant in the heat exchanger of the heater
  • control and monitoring of air dampers
  • maintenance of the given quality of air
  • control of contamination of channel filters
  • control of the operating condition of fans and air channels
  • emergency shutdown of the system with a warning in the central control room
  • disabling the ventilation system during a "fire alarm"
  • channel air purification filter, equipped with a differential pressure switch to determine the contamination of the filter
  • sequential smoke protection systems that are automatically switched on from fire alarm detectors.
Water supply and sewerage
Central city from the state corporation "Astana Su Arnasy"

Water supply and sewerage

  • Central urban network from the state corporation "Astana Su Arnasy"
  • Internal water supply and sewerage network

Water supply

  • A water-measuring unit with a bypass line with ITRON Flodis Ø40 accuracy meter "C" with fixed equipment for remote reading is installed at the water supply inlet.
  • For additional purification of tap water at the water inlet, a filtration water filtration system and mechanical filters Ø40 are installed.
  • Pumping stations for pressure increase and water purification and softening equipment are installed in the pump room.

Fire water supply

In the premises of the Congress office, fire-fighting taps Ø50 with a length of fire hoses of 20 m are accepted for installation.

Fire-fighting cranes are installed at an altitude of 1.35 m above the floor and are placed in cabinets with openings for ventilation, and also adapted for sealing and visual inspection without opening. Each fire cabinet provides for placement of two manual fire extinguishers of 10 liters each.

Also, the building of the Business centre provides for the installation of an automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system.

The fire water system of fire hydrants is designed to be integrated with an automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system.

Hot water supply

Hot water supply is designed from heat exchangers located on the basement floor, in the premises of a heat point.


The project provides for three sewerage systems:

  • Economic;
  • Drainage;
  • Production.

To clean the networks installed revision and cleaning.


The system of internal drainage is provided for collection and removal of atmospheric precipitation from the roof.

There is also an electrically heated funnel.

The release of rainwater from the system of internal drainage is connected to external storm drainage networks.

Power supply

2 city lines of 20 kW, reserve DGU 630 kVA, UPS-180 kW

At 0,4 kV voltage, a single busbar system partitioned by an automatic switch into two sections is adopted, with an ABP on a sectional switch.

Electric lighting

The project provides for working, emergency (evacuation) and repair lighting made by LED lamps.

Work lighting is applied in all rooms. Emergency lighting is used on staircases, elevator halls and technical rooms with the constant presence of duty personnel. As lamps emergency lighting lamps with batteries are used and with a working time of at least 3 hours. Indicators "EXIT" with batteries - with a working time of at least 3 hours, on the evacuation routes.

In order to ensure the electrical safety of people and the necessary working conditions for electrical equipment, there are:

  • degree of protection of the selected electrical equipment in the relevant category of premises;
  • use of proper insulation of electrical equipment, including double;
  • in case of emergency conditions, when the electrical installations are automatically switched off.

Cable trays

A system of cable trays for laying power cables, lighting control cable network and emergency power cables have been installed. The project also provides staircase cable trays with a partition for the construction of Fire safety measures network in a vertical cable shaft.

Electric heating system

The project provides an electric heating system for an entrance ramp (ramp), the main entrance of the lobby, VIP entrance, gutters, pipes on the roof.

The system performs the following functions:

  • automatic activation of heating at ambient temperature in the place of installation of the temperature sensor (hereinafter referred to as TS) from -15 ° С .... + 5 ° С;
  • automatic shutdown of heating at a temperature outside this range;

Lightning protection and earthing

To protect the building from direct thunderbolts, a lightning grid with a cell pitch of 6x6 m is made on the roof of the building. The grid and current leads are made of round galvanized steel ∅8mm. On the ridge of the roof, a conductor of a lightning grid is laid. To the lightning protection system, all the ventilation equipment and the outgoing ventilation ducts are connected.



"Congress" OFFICE is located in one of the most sought-after places of Astana under the name of Expo town which is located in the strategic place of one of the most prestigious places of the capital city.