Comfort and technology

Autonomous air conditioning and ventilation system

Complex automation (CA)

The automation and dispatching system allows for the on-line and direct monitoring of devices and engineering life support systems of an object from a central dispatch center. 

Controllable engineering systems and equipment. Supply and exhaust ventilation system.

In the building, the HVAC project provides for the following supply and extract and input ventilation systems for the general ventilation of the building:

  • AHU1;
  • AHUPark1;
  • AHUPark2;

The functions of the automated control system of the air handling unit include:

  • maintenance of the set temperature of supply or return air;
  • provision of remote start and stop of the system from the central dispatch center;
  • provision of start-up and shutdown of the system according to the established schedule of the central dispatch center;
  • changing the operating mode of the system ("winter", "summer") depending on the outside temperature;
  • control of contamination of the duct filters;

Cold supply system

The building is provided with a system of cold supply by means of air chillers (2 pieces). Air chillers have been installed in a special technical area outside the building.

2 cold supply systems:

  • cold supply system for air-supply plants;
  • cold supply system of fan coil units.

Internal temperature control

Ventilation, heating and cooling of the building is provided by a fan coil, floor convector and a warm floor (1st floor). The project includes a controller with the possibility of combined control (fan coil, floor convector, warm floor) and room control unit for monitoring the temperature in the setpoint and changing the fan speed.

The building has two external air sensors for monitoring the outside air temperature and for selecting the operating mode of the engineering system ("winter", "summer").